This is who we are.

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We are a young production company, and we are eager to produce your story in the most artistic and innovative way possible. With a strong core in filmmaking, we combine current trends in today's media, while retaining a fierce, independent spirit. We know what appeals to a savvy contemporary audience, and being a smaller agency does not limit us in any way. In fact, it allows us to give our clients the start-to-finish focus that is missing from other agencies. We take full advantage of on-going education, and the latest equipment and technology.

This is how we do it.

Our process is very simple: at the top of the list we do an initial consultation over the phone. After we have a basic understanding of your project or film, we recommend to meet in person for a thorough brainstorming session. At this point, we just really listen and gather detailed information to fully understand exactly what you're looking to achieve.

We next return to base camp to begin the conceptual planning process of your project. This covers everything from A to Z. Once that's solid, we put together an outline for the project - this step allows us (and you) to visualize your concept. Your project costs typically would be discussed at this point as well.

Once everyone is on the same page, we will begin setting up production dates. Every project is different, so a time frame for shooting, post production, and delivery will vary, but we will always stick to a precise schedule. 

This is what we do.

Our talent spreads across many different styles of filming and producing. Whether your project is a serious informative film about your company's mission, or a real estate marketing film showcasing a property, or capturing the special moments of that major event, we strive to ensure our projects have all the elements of a great cinematic documentary. 

Our areas of focus are:

  • Corporate Brand Marketing - From a small boutique to major corporations

  • Real Estate & Multi-Family - Cinematic property tours to lifestyle marketing films

  • Social Media Content - Videos for Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter to engage with your audience

  • Long-Form Video - Documentaries, presentations, promotional videos

  • TV Spots - Shorter, brand-heavy marketing content

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